About Me

Here I am with my little boy.

My name is Michelle Templeton and I am an artist and writer.

Also, a reader of (many) books and eater of (too much) tasty food.

I live in Seattle. Yes, it’s gloomy and no, I don’t mind it.

More about me:

I am a figurative painter and I also make woodblock prints.

I maintain a studio in Seattle where I make art, eat chocolate and listen to Radiolab. I worked at home for many years but now I love having a studio away from home. Much more productive and far easier to resist taking naps.

I am the author of four (unpublished) novels and countless stories, poems, essays and to-do lists.

I love eating in restaurants and cooking for friends and family. Baking is my absolute favorite but I try not to indulge too often as I can’t afford endless pairs of larger sized pants. Favorite recipes (which I’m happy to share) include brownies, chicken noodle soup and chocolate gingerbread.

[photo: Red fish, Blue fish Photography]


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