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This month my Twitter feed has been full of goal-setting advice. Creatives and entrepreneurs offer their planners, tips and guidebooks for making 2015 “your best year yet.” Make more money, more sales… find more followers, foil those FB algorithms.

These are all worthy goals and many of the offerings are excellent tools, carefully thought out, that are probably enormously helpful.

But I’ve decided not to do any of it. This year I am the scrooge of goal-setting; the grinch of business plans.

I have only one plan for 2015 and that is: DO MY WORK.

Poet Mary Oliver once said in an interview “I worked probably 25 years by myself, just writing and working, not trying to publish much, not giving readings.” She did her work. The rest came later.

Don’t misunderstand me…goal-setting is great and if you find it helpful more power to you. But for me, for 2015, I’m not interested in projections or how many FB likes I have. I’m interested in doing my work.

Happy holidays, friends! May your 2015 be filled with light and joy (and lots of excellent work).