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Last year I wrote about my son and his friends and how wonderful it was that they were so in touch with their own awesome-ness. I was reminded of this last week when I taught an art lesson to my son’s second grade class.

I asked for a show of hands: “who likes to make art?” All the kids raised their hands. Then I asked: “how many of you have ever made a piece of art that came out 100% perfectly?” I expected them to shake their heads regretfully.

Every hand in the room shot up and the kids began describing their perfect works of art.


I was blown away.

How do we lose this precious sense of the inherent value of our own work? Why is it so hard for us as adults to say something is perfect just as it is because we made it?

Let’s all make a point to recognize our own awesome. Repeat after me: I am awesome! Use as necessary or (kid-style) whenever you do anything, say anything or see anything.