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Just back from a wonderful trip to England and Scotland to see friends and relatives. We saw castles and museums; rode through the countryside on trains, ate our favorite British sweeties and drank pots and pots of tea. We stayed in a 17th century building in Edinburgh, a modern hotel in London and at a friend’s home near the Scottish coast.

I love that feeling of stepping outside of my normal life to see and do different things. It opens my mind back up to all the possibilities the world offers.

The tricky part is now. Now I’m home and trying to get back into the flow and routine of that old normal life. We returned mid-week after official spring break had already ended so it was immediately back to school/work/studio/baseball practice/laundry/supermarket shopping/cooking/driving all over town. Jet lag plus a bit of life lag. Waking up at odd times and flagging at the end of non-stop days of go-go-go.

But it’s easier each day as I get less tired and get back into the studio. I’ve got two shows coming up in June so I’ve got lots to do to get ready. That’s part of the go-go-go too. So I’m diving back in and reflecting that the stepping out of life and stepping back in are reverse sides of the same coin … can’t have one without the other. And I feel lucky that the life I’m stepping back into is such a good one.

(side note) Had a great time seeing Stephen Tobolowsky last Saturday at The Moore Theater with my mom. You probably already listen to his fab podcast but if you don’t please do…it’s fabulous!