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I noticed this week that I’ve developed a bad habit about my studio practice. I work with full intensity without taking any breaks until it’s time to leave to pick my son up from school. It’s a joyful intensity and the work is pure pleasure.

But it’s a tiring pace…and there is no real need. At the moment I’m not on a deadline. My next print show is in June and I have plenty of time to get ready. The work-till-you-drop focus is a creature of my own making.

So today when I got to the studio, I called my mom. I made a cup of tea. I did some work. I took a few minutes to stare out the window and take some deep breaths. I gave myself a short lunch-break. I built a few minutes of doing nothing into the day.

A strategy of more nothing will take me some practice. But I’m hoping this way I can keep all of the joy and banish some of the exhaustion.