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At Oscar time every year I think it’s a shame we don’t have award shows for everyone. Why are professional actors the only ones who get to publically celebrate their professional (and life) accomplishments?

It makes me think about how I define success and how I celebrate (or fail to celebrate) my achievements. At the moment I feel wildly successful because I am living as an artist with a professional studio practice. (Yay!) Also, now that my son is a school-age kid I feel more successful with my home/work balance.


So (insert drumroll here…) I’m giving myself a pretend-Oscar (a Poscar?) for Outstanding Art-Making while Wife/Mother who also has a Bread-and-Butter Job. Please hold your applause but know that I may cry while accepting this award.

What will your Poscar be for? Or perhaps you’d prefer a lifetime achievement award for general awesome-ness?

Now don’t forget to celebrate.