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I’m just back from a brief vacation to Hawaii. This was my view from breakfast. Not half bad (and the pancakes were good too).


Swimming in the ocean was my favorite part. The water was warm enough to linger in and there were fish darting among the waves. We climbed on rocks to find tide pools and discovered pockets of sea salt tucked among the boulders.


I’m incredibly lucky to be able to have the occasional getaway like this and I know it. But I did notice this time that I felt a lot of pressure to get the most out of the trip. It was like the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon when Calvin discovers it’s the last day of summer vacation and panics, shouting “Run! Have more fun, quick!”


Have you ever had a vacation where you felt pressure to feel more, see more, enjoy more? Or maybe run yourself ragged trying to take advantage of everything there was to do? I think I really learned on this trip that sometimes it really would be better to take it as it comes and check my type A personality at the door.