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The printing press at the arts center has been unavailable so rather than waiting to get into the print studio I decided to pull some prints by hand this week. When you have smaller blocks to work with it can be so much fun to do the whole process by hand.

With hand pulled prints, you prepare and ink the blocks in the normal manner. But instead of transferring the image with the pressure of a printing press you use good old-fashioned elbow grease, rubbing the paper with your palms, fingers, a wooden spoon or a barren. Hand pulling gives you a lot of control because you can check the image carefully and then apply more pressure to any spots that may need it. It can be tricky, though, to get enough ink coverage if you have a block with large areas of solid color so I choose two small block with plenty of white space for this project.

The above image in the seventh in my chandelier series. And below is the first print of the vintage Mini-Cooper. I’m so happy with the way both these prints turned out.


Working with your hands is so much fun!

inky hands

inky hands