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the four woodblocks in my master works series - nearly ready for the press!

the four woodblocks in my master works series – nearly ready for the press!

I’m sitting at my desk (ie: the kitchen counter) with a to-do list as long as my arm. Am I working away, checking off item after item?

um, no.

First I finished the novel I was reading. I only had about forty pages to go and I wanted to see how it ended. Then I sat at my computer and stared out the window. I wondered what I should read next, what I should make for dinner, what I should do with the six pounds of pears ripening on my counter.

no more training wheels!

no more training wheels!

And now I’m thinking about my son who went back to school last week. He loves school but he’s struggling with morning separation anxiety. It’s hard for both of us. We’ve been talking a lot about getting back into the groove of the school routine and how it’s a process. I try to reassure him that in a few weeks it’ll all be old hat; easy and effortless, and he won’t mind saying goodbye in the morning because he’ll be thinking about all the cool stuff he’ll be doing all day long.

I have to admit that I thought I would hit the ground running with my own work once school started back up and I was back to my usual studio schedule. Yesterday, I had a great day in the studio and a huge pile of wood shavings on the floor to prove it.

But today I’m staring out the window and thinking about pears.

Maybe this working mama is also trying to get back into the groove?