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Almost no studio time this week. The end of our vacation coincided with the end of my son’s summer camp. School doesn’t start until after Labor Day. So we find ourselves in an in-between time. Out of routine and left to our own devices.

I have no new art images to show you. No musings about art-making.


We shopped for school supplies.


We’ve been working on my son’s Captain Underpants comic book (his own sequel to Dave Pilkey’s classic series). And yes, I am typing this with a straight face.


Trying to finish this sweater before sweater wearing season officially begins.

And raiding my bookshelves for good reads.


It’s a go-with-the-flow moment and this not very go-with-the-flow girl is doing her best. It helps that I know my studio and my work will be there waiting for me when the days roll by and I can get there.