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We all know we would do well to celebrate our success, our blessings, our birthdays. For most of us, though, this is easier said than done. Most of us have been taught that it’s not polite to toot our own horns. And that celebrations are special, rare events we save for only a very few moments in our lives.

I’ve written before about how inspiring little kids are with their exclamations of their own awesome-ness. When they accomplish something, even something small, they often celebrate with a loud, “I’m so awesome!” (or equivalent).


I’ve also been lucky to have good teachers in my life who have taught me the importance of celebrating not only the huge moments but also the small ones.

For example, don’t wait until you achieve the final goal…celebrate each step along the way. And don’t wait for someone else to throw you a party. Celebrate yourself.

I once wrote myself an email congratulating myself on meeting a set of goals I had worked on for two months. It might sound silly, but I took it seriously, writing the email as thought I was planning to send it to a successful colleague or friend. Then I happily addressed the email to ME and hit the send button. I waited until the next day to open the message and enjoyed myself heartily reading it and savoring how good it felt to have met my goals.

And that’s another important point about celebrating ourselves. Celebrations can be quiet rather than loud. You don’t have to set off fireworks or rent a party boat (unless you want to). You can quietly write yourself an email, take yourself out to lunch, get yourself a treat.


We spend so much time focusing on all the things we have yet to achieve. All the ways we need to do better, be thinner, work harder. Why not make celebrating all that you are and all that you do a priority? Add it to your TO-DO list if it helps.

I mean, who doesn’t want another reason to eat chocolate, buy that new paperback or scarf, drink a glass of something bubbly or receive an awesome email from YOU reminding you how awesome you are. The world won’t often stop to tell you so be sure you tell yourself. You deserve it.

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