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Today I went to camp!

Schoolhouse Craft Blogger’s Summer Camp was an opportunity for artists, craftspeople and other creative bloggers to meet, hear some great information from experienced Seattle bloggers, ask questions and generate lots of ideas for moving forward with our own blogging projects.

The panelists were so generous in sharing their ideas, links, and insights. Everyone in the room had pencils flying and keyboards humming. It was so nice to be part of a group of colleagues, all trying to help each other succeed.

Some of the most important things I took away:
**even the most successful artist bloggers struggle with some aspects of blogging

**as much as you may know about what you do there is always more to learn

**meeting like-minded people is so important when your main occupation has you alone in your studio most of the time!

I can’t say enough about what a fun event this was. Check out Schoolhouse Craft… they rock!