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When 2013 rolled around I decided it was time to be more energetic about getting exposure for my art and selling some work. For me, selling work has started to be important because it feels like the final piece fitting into the puzzle. The cycle that I start by creating the work doesn’t feel complete until the work finds a home.

In the past I was somewhat passive about this process. I showed work and hoped pieces would find a home, but I didn’t do much more than that. So this year, I decided to put some energy and intention toward that last puzzle piece.

As you already know, I’ve been working on my business plan. And I’ve shown work, built up my Facebook page, re-vamped my website and opened my Etsy shop.

And now it’s June…the half-way mark of the year. Time to stop and evaluate progress, make adjustments and (dare I say it?) celebrate.

Because it is going well. I’m finding homes for more art than ever before. I feel like my little art business is building momentum and starting to reach a few people. The connections feel good. The idea that one day I might be able to generate enough income from art to leave my part-time job suddenly feels less far-fetched.

Yay! Happy dance!

I’m really going to get down off this chair and do the happy dance once I’ve posted this. Because I really believe it’s important in our achievement oriented world to take a moment or two to celebrate hard work and accomplishment. None of us do it often enough. We all need to celebrate our own version of awesome.

So here I go….(I’m dancing right now…really I am!)