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summertreesMy son and I were talking this morning about the summer day camp he’ll be attending in July and August. I told him my only regret was that I wasn’t going to camp with him. Summer camp is so much fun.

With his usual acumen he solved the problem in one fell swoop: “make your own summer camp in your studio, mommy.” Smart boy. I LOVE this idea.

If I plan to finish all the commission projects I’m working on by the end of June, I could use July and August to have fun in the studio. I could learn some new techniques, experiment with new materials, give myself small assignments. Fridays could be ice cream days.

So I’ll put some thought into this…maybe make a shoebox full of little slips of paper with assignments on them to pull out at random.

Has anyone done their own retreat or art camp? I’d love to hear about it.