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You know that feeling when you’re standing on the beach with your feet at the edge of the water? As the tide washes over you and back out, you feel that pull of the sand away from the bottoms of your feet? That’s how I feel at the moment. The tide is going out. Change is coming.

There will be a lot of change for me in the next few months. A very dear friend is moving very far away. My son is leaving one school and starting a new one. I’m incubating some new ideas for my studio work.

It’s the in-between-ness that is hard. I’m okay now and I’ll be okay in the future, but what about now when the tide is between; when the ground is shifting; when things are neither here nor there? That’s the uncomfortable space.

So I want to take a moment to say thank you, reader, for reading this blog. For being here with me in the good spaces and the yucky in-between ones. Thank you.


And now for some bits and pieces:

The Open Portfolio Show at Seattle Print Arts was great fun. You can view their slide show of the event to get a sense of some of the beautiful work that was on display (and a nice shot of the back of my head). Seriously, though, it was an impressive group so do take a look.

Does anyone know any really good jokes? Just asking.

If you find yourself on Facebook, please “like” my Facebook Artist Page. Thanks in advance.

If you are in Seattle (particularly in the North End) drop by the Mountlake Terrace Library during the month of June to see my woodblock prints. I’m hanging the show tomorrow so I will post some photos for you next week.

Little x Little at Columbia City Gallery comes down on Sunday, June 9th so stop by if you get a chance. It’s a nice show of small prints (including three of mine).

Thanks for being out there, for reading and for caring about me and my work. Have a happy weekend, all!