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This week was rainy and cold. Honestly it felt more like November than May.

I drove in traffic to Georgetown each morning and turned on all the lights in my studio. Listened to podcasts and recorded books on my phone. Ate cheese sandwiches on baguette and dark chocolate and drank tea…buckets of tea.

I am so lucky to have this bubble of a space that exists outside of real time (and real weather).

I worked on this block which is now almost ready to print:

and this illustration for a book cover which is almost complete:bamboozlersWIP2watermarked

and I worked on a portrait commission that I didn’t photograph.

It was a satisfying mix of woodblock and painting this week. I got a lot done and did my best to ignore the pitter-patter of the drops on the window and the chill seeping through my sweater.

If this keeps up, maybe I’ll play a CD of La Boheme and pretend I’m Mimi trying to make silk flowers in a freezing attic. But mostly I think I’ll just keep thanking my lucky stars.