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my John Singer Sargent woodcut underway

my John Singer Sargent woodcut underway

I’m still working on my business plan. Some of it has gone quite easily, but there are some exercises that are really challenging.

One of these asked: “how does your product or service serve the world?” My immediate reaction to this was to start sweating and think, “oh no, my art isn’t helping the world. I’m not teaching art to inner city kids or donating all the money from my art sales to feed the homeless…” Panic, guilt, shame…

I do care about those causes, of course. But the truth is that I’m not a very good “in the trenches” kind of person. So maybe there is another way I am serving the world with my art. (think, think….)


So here goes…. I do believe that art helps the world because:

Art provides meaningful connections between artist and viewer and also between the viewers themselves.

Art provides social commentary and can spark ideas that can directly change the world.

Art makes people laugh and experience a whole host of emotions.

Art brings beauty into a world full of stress and pain and difficulty.

Art is a link between generations and passes our stories on to the future.

So maybe being in the trenches isn’t the only way to help make the world a better place. Maybe the art-makers and storytellers are helping too.

What do you think?