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This week I started working on a business plan. Gulp! It sounds so un-artist-like, doesn’t it? Most of us, I think, find the business side of art uninteresting at best and repellent at worst. After all, if we were interested in business we’d be business people not creatives.

So how have I arrived at this place, pencil and notecards in hand, ready to think about things like finding more clients, marketing, and making money?

I think it’s because I got tired of being passive. We artists work so hard. We put our hearts and souls into what we do. And then we sit quietly, our work hanging on the wall or on a web site and we wait. We wait for someone to see the work. To want the work. To offer to buy the work.

It does happen. But not as often as it should. The passive quality of this waiting and hoping started to make me itch. So I thought, “there must be something I can do about this.”

And the seed was planted.

I have no idea how writing this plan will go but I’m confident it will help. I will get more work out into the world and more of that work will go to people who value it.

Whatever business mumbo-jumbo might go into it, that is the true plan.