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Last week I struggled at the studio and things ran smoothly at home. This week all was well in the studio but chaotic at home. I feel like something in my life is always going well while at the same time something else is trying to suck all the life out of me.

In a typical week there are lots of opportunities for things to go well and for things to go badly. I work in the studio; work at my bread-and-butter job; mother my son; partner my spouse; grocery shop; remember the birthdays of all the extended family on both sides; attend play dates, soccer games, and kid birthday parties; keep house (sort of); blog; answer emails and return telephone calls; put gas in the car; cook meals; pay bills… you get the idea. I’m no busier than most people but when I stop to think about how much we all do it doesn’t surprise me that something somewhere almost always feels out of balance.

If I was rich I would delegate some of the work and take more vacations to sunny places. Since I’m not I eat too much ice cream and do the occasional yoga stretch to try to restore equilibrium.

It’s one reason why I love to make art. I get to control the composition, the palette, the balance of form and color in a painting. In a woodcut, I’m in charge of the symmetry; the sharpness of an edge.

It’s not everything…but it is certainly something.