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What was my first clue that I felt scatterbrained and out-of-focus this week? Was it the fact that I sliced a finger open with a woodcutting tool because I was rushing to put it away? Or perhaps the fact that I neglected to take my contact lenses out and slept with them in the entire night on Thursday?


The funny thing was that I was my highly focused, usual self while I was working. I was so focused, in fact, that I was able to nearly finish chandeliers number four and five.


It was in the between times that my focus fell apart. In getting from Point A to Point B. Too much rushing around…overscheduled…too many balls in the air. Feeling frazzled.

It seems like more mindfulness is called for. More focus in the regular, everyday moments. Time, maybe, to calm down; slow down just a bit.

So here’s my plan. Next week, instead of working like a madwoman and rushing around like my pants are on fire, maybe I will work just a little less. Take a walk or two if the sun is shining. Stop to notice what is going on around me. Spend a little bit of time doing nothing but breathing, or thinking, or (let’s go really crazy!) napping. Maybe I will re-read my own post about saying no to too many extra things.

Time to stop and smell the daffodils!