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Working this week on this woodblock of baby shoes has made me think a lot about the passing of time. This is a theme that haunts me in my work, particularly in my paintings many of which are based on family photos from the sixties and seventies.


One wonderful thing about art is how it can hold a moment in time forever. The artist and the viewer can decide how much time to spend with an image and let go of it whenever they wish. The moment will still exist because it has been set down in the world. It’s satisfying to think that someone a generation or two from now can experience that same moment by looking at the artwork, even though the people and the places are long gone.

At the same time, it feels important not to be overly sentimental. This is because the work is being created in the NOW not in the past. So the moment of now is at least as important as the moment being remembered.

Do you wrestle with the ideas of then and now? Of how much to commemorate the important moments?