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I made a few test prints this week of some smaller blocks that were finished and ready to be printed. I was mostly pleased with them but I knew as soon as they were printed that they weren’t finished. There were still a few details I wasn’t happy with…a few small changes I would need to make.

It’s not easy to change a block once it’s been printed because at that point the whole block is black from ink and it’s not easy to see carved details clearly.

I sighed. A drank a second cup of tea. I worked on something else for a while.

I tried to decide that the prints were fine and that I could continue to call them finished. “No one will notice those little details but me,” I told myself. “It’s fine to leave them as there are.” I worked on convincing myself of this for a few hours.


Every so often I’d glance at the test prints. The details that were wrong were still wrong.

So I spent all day on Thursday under a strong light recarving the parts of the blocks that needed it… fixing them, making them truly finished.

I had to. The blocks couldn’t be finished just because I wanted them to be. They had to be finished because they really were as good as I could get them. They couldn’t be finished until they were finished no matter how little I wanted to recarve them.

I had tired eyes and sore hands on Thursday so on Friday I rewarded myself by beginning this:
because I needed to have some fun in the studio after all that hard work.

Oh, and some fun news… one of my prints was included in an ETSY treasury this week. Take a peek!