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a random bunch of objects...do they mean anything?

a random bunch of objects…do they mean anything?

I recently started listening to a podcast from BBC Radio 4 called “A History of the World in 100 Objects.” It explores the history of humankind by examining 100 objects from the the British Museum: mummies, artifacts, art objects. In considering these objects, the narrator explores what makes us human, how humans have changed over time, and how we decide what has meaning in our lives.

It got me thinking. What objects have defined my life and who I am as a person? What objects are most important to me and why?

So I thought this would make a fun blog series and I’m calling it “My Life in 101 Objects.” I decided to throw in an extra one on top of the hundred because whenever I do a series I always think of one last good one when I reach the end. Anyway, I am going to think of 101 objects that mean something important to who I am or who I once was and blog and make art about those objects. Explore the meaning of the objects to me and wonder about the greater meaning of my connection to things. It promises to be interesting!

What objects have made you who you are?

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