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Winter break is looming large on the school calendar. This means two things for me: lots of time with my son (yay!) and almost no time in the studio (boo!). So how to keep the creative energy flowing until I can get back to work?

I sublimate some of my creative energy into cooking and baking.

I’m planning to try these Certain Recipes:
dark gingerbread with cranberries by Tea and Cookies
chocolate pudding by Alice Medrich.
escarole and orzo soup with meatballs by Smitten Kitchen

I’ll catch up on Certain Books by reading and listening to my favorite podcasts, A Good Read and Open Book from BBC Radio 4.

I’ll be reading Stone Fall by Ian Pairs.

And I’ll certainly spend Certain Afternoons making crafts and holiday gifts with my son. I’m eager to try the decorated votives from Paper Made to give as gifts. We’re also planning to visit the Nikki McClure exhibit at Bellevue Art Museum. Her papercut illustrations are gorgeous and inspiring.

After all that (and some holiday celebrating) I’ll be ready to get back to work with renewed vigor in January.