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Woodblock Letter “M”

This week I’ve been playing with illuminated letters. This is a woodblock carving on my first initial, “M.” Of course, when printed it’ll be the reverse of this image with the thinner leg of the “M” on the left instead of the right. One of the challenges of printmaking is learning to think backwards!

I had such a great time carving this that I’m already planning more. Next I thought I’d do the first name initials of my other family members. Then on from there. If I can do all 26 letters I could print my own alphabet book which would be a lovely new baby gift, don’t you think?

Tea cup paintings drying on my desk

And here’s another work in progress…tea cup paintings. I’m working on a teapot to go with them. I was inspired by my teapot woodblock print which I love.

Woodblock Teapot

I’m getting ready to participate in a Winterfest Arts and Crafts Fair (more on this later) so I’ve been printing up a storm. More images coming soon!