this week in the studio


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Lots done in the studio this week, including trying to finish the woodblocks in my collections series of hummingbirds, butterflies, sea creatures and botanical specimens. I’d like to include them in my show in June so I need to get them finished.


I also played around with mixed media for a few of the projects from LifeBook 2014. These are the fun, no-pressure projects to help me break out, try new things, and work through the blank page.



exhibit news


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Two upcoming opportunities to see my prints live and in-person:

Seattle Print Arts Open Portfolio Show: This is an informal show in which members display their print work on tables for museum visitors.

Sunday, April 6th from 1 to 3pm
Seattle Asian Art Museum
1400 East Prospect Street
in Volunteer Park, Seattle.

Featured Artist: Michelle Templeton (that’s me!)
June 1 – 30
Finn’s Bakery and Cafe
3204 West McGraw Street (Magnolia Village)

Please come out and see some art!

because I needed a laugh this morning


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Are jokes funny when translated into another language? Watch this video from The Guardian and see for yourself.

This really made me laugh and it reminded me that sometimes context is everything.

Wishing you lots of belly laughs on this rainy Tuesday!

baseball practice


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My son just started Little League. I’m watching his practice as I type this. The sun is bright. The grass is green green. The kids are all running and frolicking like a litter of puppies, the coach barking instructions and admonitions.

These practices don’t have the same lighthearted loopyness of little kid sports. This feels like the big time.


As I watch I’m filled with admiration for all the boys out there. They are just learning. It’s not easy to catch a ball in a glove or connect with the ball when you swing a bat. But they aren’t discouraged or ashamed. They have practice mind working. They know they are beginners.

And they really are role models for the rest of us who won’t try things we don’t already know we are good at.


i need more nothing


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I noticed this week that I’ve developed a bad habit about my studio practice. I work with full intensity without taking any breaks until it’s time to leave to pick my son up from school. It’s a joyful intensity and the work is pure pleasure.

But it’s a tiring pace…and there is no real need. At the moment I’m not on a deadline. My next print show is in June and I have plenty of time to get ready. The work-till-you-drop focus is a creature of my own making.

So today when I got to the studio, I called my mom. I made a cup of tea. I did some work. I took a few minutes to stare out the window and take some deep breaths. I gave myself a short lunch-break. I built a few minutes of doing nothing into the day.

A strategy of more nothing will take me some practice. But I’m hoping this way I can keep all of the joy and banish some of the exhaustion.


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